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The Pipe Wrench is the first weapon Adrian Shephard obtains in Half-Life: Opposing Force. It can be found at the start of the chapter Welcome to Black Mesa next to a tool box and some loose wires.


The Pipe Wrench is a powerful melee weapon that deals more damage than the Combat Knife or the Crowbar.

The secondary fire will have Shephard lift the wrench over his head and bring it down with considerable force, an attack which becomes even stronger as the button is held down. This secondary attack can easily crush crates and defeat some opponents. On the downside, however, the power of the pipe wrench is compromised by the slow speed of its attack, and a missed secondary attack can leave the player vulnerable to counterattack.

While useful in the first levels, the Pipe Wrench loses its importance in later stages, due to the quantity of enemies wielding ranged weaponry and the Combat Knife's faster attack speed. However, it can still be used in later levels to silently kill Black Ops with a well-placed secondary attack, and a skilled player can dispatch entire squads before they notice them.


  • The 2007 video game BioShock references Opposing Force, as well as the Half-Life series in general, at the beginning of the game; Atlas, who is talking to the player via a radio, tells the player to find a crowbar or other melee weapon to use for self-defense. After briefly looking around, the player finds a pipe wrench.
  • Both the Pipe Wrench and the Crowbar appear as usable weapons in Grand Theft Auto Online.
  • Similar to the Stun Baton and unlike the rest of the melee weapons, it does not appear in Left 4 Dead 2 (The Combat Knife shows up in the german version).


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