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This subject is from the Black Mesa Incident era.
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"I'm afraid I have trapped myself here, to escape those... beasts."
Black Mesa scientist[src]

The Pit Drone is a small Race X alien, encountered within the Black Mesa Research Facility after the Resonance Cascade.


Pit Drones are short, bipedal creatures with a head that sports a pair of black eyes (one on either side), tentacle-like appendages near the creature's mouth, and rows of sharp spines protruding from pores on the creature's forehead. A Pit Drone's arms end in long, scythe-like claws, which it can use to make vicious slashing attacks. Pit Drones have some reptilian characteristics, such as smooth, leathery skin, splayed feet, and small eyes.

Pit Drones are known to be cannibals: they will begin to eat a dead Pit drone carcass if they find one in their vicinity, when not alerted by the player.

Behavior and skills[]

Pit Drones are fast, nimble and fairly intelligent, typically traveling in packs of five or six, and are capable of making flanking movements to quickly surround their prey. The Pit Drone has two forms of attack: firing their head-spines with acid jets when at long range, or charging towards their target to deliver a deadly slash from their claws. Some Pit Drones appear to be incapable of their head spine attack, appearing to have depleted their ammunition of spines.


  • Pit Drone projectiles can be easily avoided by strafing.
  • A lone Pit Drone can be easily killed with the Glock 17.
  • Groups of Pit Drones can be killed with the HECU SPAS-12 or MP5. The Shotgun can instantly kill one of them at a time, while the MP5's high rate of fire allows it to kill them quickly.


  • Pit Drone noises sound like distorted dog noises.
  • Pit Drones will attack a Shockroach if it doesn't have a host, despite it being part of Race X.
  • Pit Drones do not seem to show hostility towards Houndeyes, and can only be seen using idle animations when near each other.
  • The Pit Drone is the only NPC in GoldSrc with the ability to run backwards while chasing an enemy. Every other NPC will always run forward.
  • Along with the Shock Trooper, the Pit Drone has its own unique gibs.
  • Pit Drones are often seen with Shock Trooper masters


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