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Portal: The Flash Version (often shortened to TFV) is a Flash game based on the plot and gameplay of Portal.


Portal: The Flash Version is a sidescrolling 2D platforming game, which takes advantage of Portal's most well-known mechanic, namely the portal gun. Many other objects from Portal are also included in the 2D world, such as Energy Balls, Weighted Storage Cubes, and Sentry Turrets.

The game has been ported into 3D in the form of a mappack for Portal. Some of its maps were reused for Portal: Still Alive.


  • In Test Chamber 16, the G-Man can be seen in the window in the bottom center of the level.
  • Using the console, it is possible to (just like in the real game) spawn cubes, turrets, and energy balls.
  • By also using the console, there is a level before the start of the game by typing "prevlevel", which for the chamber number, it has a "?", and also says on the wall, "ZOMGOWNED." This can also be achieved by typing in "gotolevel 0".
  • Other console commands include "kill", "noclip", "god", "dance", "nextlevel", "showfps", and many more.


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