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Cover art for Portal 2 Soundtrack: Songs to Test By, as given with downloadable soundtrack, featuring concept art of Chell facing GLaDOS, with the bird flying on the right of GLaDOS' head.

The Portal 2 soundtrack was composed by Mike Morasky, with the exception of the songs "Want You Gone" composed by Jonathan Coulton, "Offering," composed by Larry Stephens, an arrangement of Little Prelude in C Minor, BWV 934 by Johann Sebastian Bach, and "Exile Vilify," composed by The National.

While the music can be found in the game files, most tracks are unmixed and can only be fully experienced in-game, as most of the time the testing elements provide additional musical tones. The soundtrack is largely electronic and differs from the quiet ambient music used in the Portal soundtrack in that it is often upbeat.

Volume 1

On May 25, 2011 on the official Portal 2 blog, the first volume out of three of the complete soundtrack titled Portal 2 Soundtrack: Songs to Test By and featuring the fully mixed tracks was released for free on MP3 format, alongside ringtone versions for Android and iPhone.

On the blog, the soundtrack is marketed as an "aural stimulus package" developed by Aperture Science. In the MP3 files, Mike Morasky is credited as "Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory."[1] Below are sections outlining the tracks from this volume.

# Title Length Location played
1 Science is Fun 02:33 Played during the Portal 2 TV Spot and other trailers. During the PotatoFoolsDay ARG, a full version was released with the game 'BIT.TRIP BEAT'.
2 Concentration Enhancing Menu Initialiser 02:17 In the PlayStation 3 menu selection when highlighting Portal 2.
3 9999999 03:11 Played on the first main menu screen and in the part near the end of The Escape when approaching the Central AI Chamber. The electronic sweeping sound in the beginning can be heard in the ending cutscene "Caroline Deleted."
4 The Courtesy Call 03:37 Played when woken by Wheatley in the Aperture Science Extended Relaxation Center and throughout the container ride.
5 Technical Difficulties 03:22 Plays in all Announcer-supervised test chambers except for 01 and 05, and the second fling introductory chamber.
6 Overgrowth 02:51 Plays in the ruined Chamber 01.
7 Ghost of Rattman 04:06 In the Ratman chamber that surrounds the first Portal device.
8 Haunted Panels 01:36 Plays in the ruined Chamber 05.
9 The Future Starts With You 03:22 The second fling introductory chamber.
10 There She Is 04:21 Played when nearing and walking through Central AI Chamber for the first time.
11 You Know Her? 03:11 Played when waking GLaDOS and climbing through the Incinerator Room.
12 The Friendly Faith Plate 02:59 Played when flying through the air via an Aperture Science Aerial Faith Plate everywhere but in Test Chamber 06 in Chapter 2 where 15 Acres of Broken Glass is Played. and Test Chamber 10 of Chapter 2 where I Saw a Deer Today is Played
13 15 Acres of Broken Glass 05:00 Test Chamber 06 in Chapter 2
14 Love as a Construct 04:57 Test Chamber 07 in Chapter 2. The melody originated from the Companion Cube itself, and can be heard at the very beginning of "Caroline Deleted."
15 I Saw a Deer Today 03:13 Portions are heard while engaging laser locks and ricocheting off of Aperture Science Aerial Faith Plates in Test Chamber 10 of Chapter 2.
16 Hard Sunshine 02:48 Plays loudly when crouched on a Hard Light Bridge and plays quietly when not.
17 I'm Different 04:29 Portions are played when carrying or knocking over turrets in Test Chamber 13 in Chapter 3.
18 Adrenal Vapor 02:36 Test Chamber 14 in Chapter 3.
19 Turret Wife Serenade 01:39 Easter Egg in GLaDOS' Test Chamber 16.
20 I Made It All Up 03:57 In Chapter 4, "The Surprise," while engaging the laser locks in Test Chamber 18.

This tune is also played over the menu after completing the Single Player campaign, with additional strings and elements of the Turret Opera. A scaled-down version plays when the laser-activated platform is moving in the fourth chamber of Chapter 2.

21 Comedy = Tragedy + Time 03:30 Played during GLaDOS's Test Chamber 19.
22 Triple Laser Phase 04:15 Is slowly created and evolved when engaging laser receivers in GLaDOS's Test Chamber 20.

Volume 2

On July 1, 2011, the second volume of the complete soundtrack titled Portal 2 Soundtrack: Songs to Test By and featuring the fully mixed tracks was released for free on the official Portal 2 blog.[2]

# Title Length Location played
1 You Will Be Perfect 02:40 Played in the "Cooperative Testing Initiative" and "Perfect 10" trailers.
2 Halls of Science 4 04:35 Played at the beginning of the Portal 2 TV Spot and in custom test chambers
3 Bots Build Bots/\(Defun Botsbuildbots () [Botsbuildbots) ] 04:07 The second main menu screen, which displays a conveyor belt inside the Turret Factory.
4 An Accent Beyond 02:58 Plays during the escape after GLaDOS Test Chamber 21.
5 Robot Ghost Story 03:07 Played while you venture through the dark catwalks and production lines with Wheatley's flashlight in Chapter 5: The Escape
6 Die Cut Laser Dance 02:00 Can faintly be heard when close to the panel-cutting lasers on the production live in Chapter 5: The Escape
7 Turret Redemption Line 03:23 Plays on the Turret Redemption and testing lines, when you first meet the Defective Turrets
8 Bring Your Daughter to Work Day 02:40 Plays whilst looking at the science projects produced by the employee daughters.
9 Almost at Fifty Percent 01:59 Plays in the Neurotoxin Generator chamber.
10 Don't Do It 05:16 When arriving in GLaDOS' rebuilt Central AI Chamber and during the subsequent stalemate resolution.
11 I AM NOT A MORON! 03:47 Wheatley's takeover after the Stalemate Resolution Button is pressed.
12 Vitrification Order 06:34 When heading through the old Aperture structures toward the condemned testing area.
13 Music of the Spheres 03:39 Plays in the entry room of old Aperture after unlocking the massive vault door. The latter portion (Music of the Spheres 2) also plays after completing the 1950s test chambers.
14 You Are Not Part of the Control Group 03:24 Plays during the first Repulsion Gel test.
15 Forwarding the Cause of Science 03:41 Plays during the 1950s test chambers (Repulsion Gel). A more beefed-up version of this (The Reunion) can be heard throughout the Propulsion Gel tests
16 PotatOS Lament 01:59 The third main menu screen, featuring the old Aperture structures.
17 The Reunion 03:46 Plays in the 1970s test chambers, with Propulsion Gel.
18 Music of the Spheres 2 (Incendiary Lemons) 02:44 Plays at the beginning and end of the 1970s test chambers and in several locations in the 1980s test chambers.

Volume 3

On September 30, 2011 on the official Portal 2 blog, the third volume out of three of the complete soundtrack titled Portal 2 Soundtrack: Songs to Test By and featuring the fully mixed tracks was released for free.[3]

# Title Length Location played
1 Reconstructing More Science 02:37 In the final level when using the Propulsion Gel during the fight with Wheatley and in various trailers, including the Portal 2 teaser. Parts of it can also be heard in the elevator ride to the turret opera, Cara Mia Addio
2 Wheatley Science 02:29 In the fourth main menu, featuring franken turrets and an excursion funnel. It can also be heard in "The Part Where He Kills You" and "Omg, What had He Done?"
3 Franken Turrets 04:08 At the start of Chapter 8, in the Frankenturrets dedicated chamber made by Wheatley. The latter section of this, the more rhythmic part, can be heard in "Test"
4 Machiavellian Bach 04:02 The classical music piece that Wheatley plays in Test Chamber 5. The latter section, the more synthesised part, can be heard when launched by an Ariel Faith Plate
5 Excursion Funnel 04:32 Played when inside an Excursion funnel.
6 TEST 06:14 All of Wheatley's test chambers, except chamber 5. The theme becomes more intense with each chamber.
7 The Part Where He Kills You 03:23 In the fake Test Chamber 17, when Wheatley attempts to kill Chell realizing that he no longer needs her. The first section also plays when using the Excursion Funnel just after Chamber 12, where the elevator has melted.
8 Omg, What has He Done? 02:24 Heard when entering the final area before the boss chamber, in the excursion funnel on the way to the Central AI chamber, and while climbing up to where the corrupted core bin and AI chamber entrance are.
9 Bombs for Throwing at You 05:48 During the final boss of the game.
10 Your Precious Moon 01:55 Before and during the cut-scene that plays when the Portal is placed on the Moon.
11 Caroline Deleted 01:50 Played in GLaDOS' chamber before Chell is taken to the Turret Opera. Contains segments of various other tracks played throughout the game.
12 Cara Mia Addio 02:34 The elevator ride out of the facility.
13 Want You Gone 02:22 The credits screen.
14 Spaaaaace 00:46 Played during Wheatley's final thoughts while stranded in space
15 Space Phase 01:33 In the fifth main menu, featuring Wheatley floating aimlessly in space
16 Some Assembly Required 01:51 This is the introduction music for co-op
17 Robot Waiting Room #1 02:14 Played in the Hub.
18 Robot Waiting Room #2 02:14 Played in the Hub.
19 Robot Waiting Room #3 02:14 Played in the Hub.
20 Robot Waiting Room #4 02:14 Played in the Hub.
21 Robot Waiting Room #5 02:14 Played in the Hub.
22 Robot Waiting Room #6 02:06 Played in the Hub.
23 You Saved Science 00:48 Played before the end credits when the Vault is opened.
24 Robots FTW 03:38 Over the end credits to the co-op mode, behind GLaDOS' comments about the test subjects.

Other music

The following tracks are not present in the Soundtrack releases but can still be found on the game files.

Track File name Comments
Exile Vilify by The National sp_a2_dual_lasers_r1.wav Plays on an Aperture Science Radio inside a Rattmann Den near Test Chamber 03 in Chapter 2.
Offering by Larry Stephens[4] prehub42.wav The original Test Chamber 04 from Portal as seen in Chapter 1. Only a small segment is played before the speakers glitch and shut down.
Say Apple sp_intro_01_05_apple.wav The Courtesy Call: plays when Wheatley is bringing Chell to the original testing track from the first Portal game.
"This classical music" openingexercise07.wav A piece of unidentified classical music the announcer has Chell listen to during her mandatory physical and mental wellness exercise, after Chell stares at the art on the wall for a few seconds, the announcer says "You should now feel mentally reinvigorated. If you suspect staring at art has not provided the required intellectual sustenance, reflect briefly on this classical music."
1950 Aperture Science welcome music sp_a3_03_b3.wav Heard when Chell first restores power to the 1950s chambers at the bottom of Test Shaft 09, as Cave Johnson's voice welcomes "astronauts, war heroes, and Olympians." This song appears to be based upon the song "Santorini" by Yanni.[5]
PeTI Editor music Located in /portal2_dlc2/pak01_dir.vpk/ Heard in the Perpetual Testing Initiative mode while a player is creating a custom test chamber.


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