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Portal has 15 achievements on Steam.


Image Description Location
Portal get portalguns Lab Rat
Acquire the fully powered Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device.
Test Chamber 11
Portal kill companioncube Fratricide
Do whatever it takes to survive.
Instructions: Story-related. Achieved after "euthanizing" the Weighted Companion Cube.
Test Chamber 17
Portal escape testchambers Partygoer
Make the correct party escort submission position decision.
Test Chamber 19
Portal beat game Heartbreaker
Complete Portal.
End of Test Chamber 19
Portal infinitefall Terminal Velocity
Fall 30,000 feet.
Instructions: After upgrading the Portal Gun, Chell should look straight up and place a portal on the ceiling above, then look straight down and place the complementary portal on the floor directly beneath herself. If done correctly, Chell will fall in an endless loop. It will take a few minutes to reach 30,000 feet and have the achievement unlock. It is important that Chell does not move, as this will break the loop.
After Test Chamber 11
Portal longjump Long Jump
Jump 300 feet.
Instructions: Chell must fly 300 feet through the air with the aid of portals.
After Test Chamber 11
Portal beat 2advancedmaps Cupcake
Beat two Portal advanced maps.
Any advanced maps
Portal beat 4advancedmaps Fruitcake
Beat four Portal advanced maps.
Any advanced maps
Portal beat 6advancedmaps Vanilla Crazy Cake
Beat all six Portal advanced maps.
All advanced maps
Portal get allbronze Basic Science
Earn bronze medals on all Portal challenges.
Instructions: After completing the game proper, 6 maps can be replayed for 3 challenges each (Least Time, Least Portals and Least Footsteps), totaling 18. The player must win bronze medals in all 18 challenges in order to unlock the achievement. (Bronze is fulfilled if the player earns the better silver or gold medals.)
All challenge maps
Portal get allsilver Rocket Science
Earn silver medals on all Portal challenges.
Instructions: Requires winning silver medals in all 18 challenge maps. This achievement stacks with Basic Science—if the player has won silver in all challenges except for one they haven't played yet, then they win silver on the 18th challenge (bettering bronze on the first attempt), both achievements would unlock simultaneously.
All challenge maps
Portal get allgold Aperture Science
Earn gold medals on all Portal challenges.
Instructions: Requires winning gold medals in all 18 challenge maps. This achievement stacks with Basic Science and Rocket Science.
All challenge maps
Portal detach all cameras Camera Shy
Detach security cameras from the walls.
Instructions: Using portals, Chell must detach all 33 detachable cameras in the game, during a single playthrough. Chell will encounter some cameras attached to portal-proof surfaces; since they cannot be detached, they are not part of the requirement.
Test Chambers 02-05, 10, 11, 13, 15-19
Portal hit turret with turret Friendly Fire
Knock down a turret with another turret.
Instructions: Requires either picking up a turret and bumping it into another turret so it falls down and deactivates, or using portals to cause one turret to fall onto another, also ending in deactivation.
Any Test Chamber with Sentry Turrets
Portal transmission received Transmission Received
Change the frequency on all 26 radios.
Instructions: Requires finding the 26 radios and changing their frequency so that the red sprite turns green. See Portal ARG.
Every Test Chamber


The achievement Transmission Received was added to the game in an update as part of the Portal ARG.

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