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The Portal Soundtrack contains the music pieces used in Portal; it was composed by Kelly Bailey and Mike Morasky; with the exception of the song Still Alive, composed by Jonathan Coulton.


The soundtrack is available as part of Valve's Orange Box Original Soundtrack release; which includes the music from Portal along with that of Half-Life 2: Episode One, Half-Life 2: Episode Two and Team Fortress 2.

In addition to the game's version of Still Alive, featured during the credits, the Soundtrack also includes a mix of the song with vocals by its author, Jonathan Coulton.

In September 2014, to celebrate the release of Steam's Music Player, Valve re-released the Soundtrack for Portal as free DLC available to those who own the game.[1]

Track list[]

#️⃣ ⏱️ Title
1 01:45 Subject Name Here
Notes: Plays in Test Chamber 11, when Chell picks up the Dual Portal Device.
2 03:06 Taste of Blood
Notes: Plays in Test Chamber 02, shortly before obtaining the Portal Gun.
3 03:46 Android Hell
Notes: Plays in Test Chamber 13 upon entering, and in Test Chamber 18, when entering the large room with Turrets.
4 03:31 Self Esteem Fund
Notes: Plays in Test Chamber 10, 12, and 14.
5 04:35 Procedural Jiggle Bone
Notes: Plays in the menu screen, Test Chamber 08 and 19.
6 04:05 No Cake For You
Notes: Plays in Test Chamber 16 when entering the first Rattman den.
7 01:02 4000 Degrees Kelvin
Notes: Plays in Test Chamber 19 when nearing the fire pit.
8 04:03 Stop What You Are Doing
Notes: Plays in Test Chamber 19, after Chell escapes the fire pit and begins her escape.
9 04:22 Party Escort
Notes: Plays in Escape, during the first encounter with the Rocket Sentry.
10 01:25 You're Not A Good Person
Notes: Plays in Escape, during the massive Sentry Turret ambush.
11 06:24 You Can't Escape, You Know
Notes: Plays in Escape, inside the Central AI Chamber, when GLaDOS releases the neurotoxin.
12 02:56 Still Alive
Notes: Plays during the credits.
13 02:56 Still Alive (J.C. Mix)
Notes: Exclusive to the Soundtrack release.


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