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Powerup Bottles are items cut from Half-Life that appear in the game files. Originally intended to exist in three varieties, they were to be used at any time when picked up.

Types of bottles[]


  • The adrenaline bottle was to revive the player 3 seconds after his death, but not if the player was gibbed.
  • An unused sound file of the HEV Suit informs the player when adrenaline is administered.


  • The antidote bottle was to heal the player from toxin damage.
  • An unused sound file of the HEV Suit informs the player when the antidote is administered.


  • The rad bottle was to make the player immune to the effects of radiation for an unknown amount of time.


  • The antidote can still be spawned. If used, it will clean the player of blood toxins. However in Half-Life: Source it can't be spawned


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