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"Load up the launcher. I'll draw the helicopter into range! "
―Barge driver[src]

The Propane Tank Launcher (also known as the Launcher by the Barge driver) is a weapon cut from Half-Life 2. It was attached to the Barge and appeared in the map d1_canals_end and was used by Gordon Freeman and built by the Barge's driver.


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A propane tank in the launcher.

Once the player in informed by the Barge driver that they need at least five propane tanks for safety the player must travel a long distance just to get the tanks. Once the player activates the crane through a puzzle and once it is activated the player must move the magnetic crane to the designated spot where the tanks are. Once picking up two and dropping them to the side of the barge (a untextured docking area) the player must go across the canals and go to a garage full of propane tanks (outside the garage door), but while trying to pick one up they get ambushed by a Combine V-100 APC. After the player kills the three Metropolice officers they'd move three propane tanks to the designated spot, use the magnetic crane to drop them to the side of the barge, and then move them into the barge. Once the propane tanks and the player are in the boat the boat starts moving towards the gate of the canals and then drives under a tunnel-like bridge.

When the barge drives itself to the end of the map because the Barge driver stands to the side of the tunnel a Combine Ka-27 comes and attacks them both. The Barge driver tells the player that he will get the helicopter in range by distracting it. The player would then load up the launcher with a propane tank, shoot the tank and it would launch at the helicopter's rear killing the pilot as the pilot falls to the ground. The barge was to break through a wooden barricade and then stop abruptly making the player abandon the vehicle and weapon and make their way to Ravenholm.


  • The propane tank launcher has its own brush though is attached to the barge in the level and cannot be removed from the barge without simple modding.
  • The launcher was built by the Barge driver as he used some scrap metal to most likely build it. The launcher was to act as a cannon though still acts like a launcher.
  • The launcher was built for taking down Ka-27's and other Combine Aircraft.




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