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This subject is from the Black Mesa Incident era.
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The Prrobot (also known as Skeletal Animation) is an alien enemy cut from Half-Life. It appears in the Half-Life Alpha v 0.52.


When the player walks into the Skeletal Animations room they will come across a floating creature flapping its arms like a Boid or a bird. Once shot it will do an animation by its eye. When shot for a second time it extends both arms out into attack mode doing an attack animation. When shot for a third time it shows the creature pulling its arms back and repeats. When shot for a fifth time it plays its death animation by going upside down.


  • The creature cannot be killed as when shot it will replay five of its animations.
  • At one point the Prrobot was to be a flying enemy (though its skeletal animation was used for testing).
  • The enemy has vents on the back of it meaning when damaged enough it was to start smoking.


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