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"A Radio Tower! If it's working, we need to send a warning to White Forest. They've got no idea the Combine are heading their way."
Alyx Vance[src]

The Radio Tower is an abandoned radio tower found in the Outlands. During the Half-Life 2: Episode Two chapter Riding Shotgun, Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance pass through the area on their way to The Junk Yard.


The radio tower is located near three houses. In the first house is a dining room and a small bar. Under the bar are outlets and plugs. In the second house is a computer and broadcasting equipment which Alyx uses to transmit a message to White Forest. The third house consists of numerous bedrooms.

Before entering the radio tower, there is a Rebel watchtower to protect the entrance from Combine forces.


Half-Life 2: Episode Two

In Episode Two's third chapter, Riding Shotgun Gordon and Alyx make their way to White Forest with the Muscle Car, but the road is blocked off with Combine Barricades and wrecked cars, the two are forced to take a detour in order to continue on their way. On the way, Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance find a radio tower. The tower requires power, which Gordon manages to provide by starting up a generator in the basement of a nearby building. After doing so, a Hunter and its pack ambush Gordon and Alyx. Upon successfully defeating them, Alyx attempts to send a message to White Forest, but the transmission is cut by a Combine Advisor. Alyx opens up the gate blocking their progress, and the two continue along the road to White Forest.

As seen in the room with the broadcasting equipment, there are two Zombine inside, suggesting that Combine Soldiers tried to use the tower before being attacked by headcrabs.


  • Distant Hunter noises can be heard around the three buildings.
  • The Radio tower has an Orange Box Achievement, "Meet the Hunters", requiring to survive the ambush.
  • This is one of few location where Alyx is reprogrammed to use the cover system and blindfiring system when Hunters start to shoot the doors. Other areas include the White Forest Inn. However, being a scripted AI, her shots rarely hit their intended targets.
  • Zombines may not spawn if the broadcasting room is entered during Hunter ambush.


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