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The Razor Train is a train designed and used by the Combine for transporting freight and prisoners between cities, Combine bases, and outposts.


Like the Hunter-Chopper and Combine APC, the Razor Train is an adaptation of human technology, redesigned with Combine technology and aesthetics. As with much of Combine technology and architecture, the Razor Train is large, mostly featureless, and imposing.

Razor Trains have been designed and built to work on human rail networks and are used for transporting cargo, human prisoners, Stalkers, and Combine Advisors. Notably, Razor Trains are used to transport human prisoners to Nova Prospekt, the Combine-controlled prison/laboratory. They also transport Stalkers and Overwatch Soldiers to the Citadel.

Another disconcerting aspect of the Razor Train is its horn: a distinctive bellow that announces the Train's arrival. The sound of the horn varies, however, as several times during Half-Life 2 and its Episodes, they emit lower or higher air horn blasts instead.

Razor trains are very fast-moving and completely unyielding to any object that may be on the tracks; they will simply ram their way through any obstacle blocking their path. This can range from vehicles, Citizens, Rebels and even friendly Combine units. This may suggest that the trains are automated; however, all locomotives have what appear to be a driver's cab and a ladder leading up to it. This suggests that the trains may be crewed, or can be driven manually, though this could also be for maintenance.

As seen in the Highway 17 and Route Kanal chapters, the trains seem to carry smaller loads in rapid succession at high speed as opposed to fewer but more heavily loaded trains. Razor Trains also accompany human trains and are used on the same railway networks.

Razor trains are completely unarmed. However, they do sometimes serve as an environmental hazard, particularly during the chapters Route Kanal and Highway 17.


  • Its horn sound effect is also used in Portal 2, after GLaDOS claims people with guilty conscience can be easily startled by loud noises.
  • The razor train locomotive appears to be based on a H10-44 American switching engine.




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