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"Ah, well, you know what they say about resin, Alyx. [..] Look... for... m-more resin."

Resin is the material used by the Combine Fabricators in Half-Life: Alyx. It can be used to give your weapons modifications.

Upgrades with Resin


The Pistol has 4 upgrades:

  • Reflex Sight: costs 10 Resin. Adds a yellow holographic sight that is projected above the barrel. Weak points of enemies are highlighted when viewed through the sight.
  • Burst Fire: costs 20 Resin. Adds a togglable three-round burst mode. Double-tapping the magazine release button switches between single and burst-fire modes.
  • Bullet Reservoir: costs 30 Resin. Adds a reservoir off the side of the weapon that holds an additional 10 bullets. When inserting a magazine into the weapon when empty, the reservoir will draw the bullets into the gun and out of the magazine, holding up to a maximum of 10. The then-empty magazine can then be replaced with a full one, resulting in an effective 20 rounds of available ammunition in the weapon.
  • Laser Sight: costs 35 Resin. Adds a red laser that is projected off the side of the weapon.


The Shotgun has 4 upgrades:

  • Laser Sight: costs 10 Resin. Adds an orange circular laser projection to the top of the barrel that encompasses the bullet spread of the fired weapon.
  • Double Shot: costs 25 Resin. Adds a heat shield to the top of the weapon, and a set of indicator lights to the back. Enables the ability to fire two rounds in rapid succession.
  • Auto Loader: costs 30 Resin. Adds a mechanical reservoir to the side of the weapon for rapidly loading shells. Holds up to six extra rounds, in addition to the rounds held within the magazine, allowing for an effective maximum of 12+1 available rounds.
  • Grenade Launcher: costs 40 Resin. Adds a muzzle attachment that fits a Combine grenade. When fired, the grenade shoots off in an arc and does not consume ammo, detonating on impact.


The SMG has 3 upgrades:

  • Reflex Sight: costs 15 Resin. Adds a blue holographic sight that is projected above the barrel.
  • Laser Sight: costs 25 Resin. Adds a green laser that is projected off the side of the weapon.
  • Extended Magazine: costs 30 Resin. Adds a vertical auto-loading magazine that re-inserts a full pulse plug after the weapon is depleted. The Extended Magazine holds three additional pulse plugs, and each one must be inserted manually.


  • Resin is a natural polymer produced by certain plants. It consists of several organic compounds, and is produced in response to injury. Applying certain chemicals causes it to harden into a durable, plastic-like substance. It is often used in weapon furniture. If this resin is of Xen origin, it may be many times more durable than Earth resin for the same weight, which is why it can be used to create weapons wholesale (ex, the grenade launcher attachment for the shotgun), and have different properties depending on which chemical reagent is applied to it (such as creating the lenses and bodywork both for the reflex and laser sight attachments used across several guns). However, it is also not inconceivable that resin is only used as an adhesive to attach a modifications parts together (and, subsequently, to the base weapon).