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"Ah, well, you know what they say about resin, Alyx. [..] Look... for... m-more resin."

Resin is the raw material used by Combine Fabricators to create weapon modifications.


Alyx holds a cluster of Resin.

Resin units glow in the dark.

Weapon Upgrade Resin units needed
Pistol Reflex Sight 10
Burst Fire 20
Bullet Reservoir 30
Laser Sight 35
Shotgun Laser Sight 10
Double Shot 25
Auto Loader 30
Grenade Launcher 40
SMG Reflex Sight 15
Laser Sight 25
Extended Magazine 30


  • Resin is a natural polymer produced by certain plants. It consists of several organic compounds, and is produced in response to injury. Applying certain chemicals causes it to harden into a durable, plastic-like substance.

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