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"Ah, well, you know what they say about resin, Alyx. [..] Look... for... m-more resin."

Resin is the material used by the Combine Fabricators in Half-Life: Alyx. It can be used to give your weapons modifications.

Upgrades with Resin


  • Reflex Sight
    • Adds a holographic sight above the pistol. Looking through it highlights enemy weak spots.
  • Bullet Reservoir
    • When loading a magazine, the bullets will be pulled into the bullet reservoir. The empty magazine can then be ejected and another can be put in, giving you two magazines worth of ammo.
  • Burst Fire
    • The gun can be switched to burst fire mode, which will fire three shots in rapid succession when the trigger is pulled.
  • Laser Sight
    • Will emit a laser from the front of the gun, indicating the path of the bullet.


  • Laser Sight
    • Emits a circular projection that indicates the spread of the shotgun. When equipped with a Grenade Launcher, a curved line projection will show the path of the grenade.
  • Autoloader
    • Shells can be put into the autoloader, which will automatically insert them into the shotgun when opened.
  • Double Shot
    • Two shots can be fired in rapid succession
  • Grenade Launcher
    • A grenade can be attached to the front of the shotgun, and pulling a lever under the shotgun will ready the grenade, then pulling the trigger will launch it.


  • Reflex Sight
    • Adds a holographic sight above the SMG. Looking through it highlights enemy weak spots.
  • Extended Mag
    • Three cells can be loaded into the extended mag, which will automatically be loaded into the chamber when the current cell is empty.
  • Laser Sight
    • Will emit a laser from the front of the gun, indicating the path of the bullet.


  • Resin is a natural polymer produced by certain plants. It consists of several organic compounds, and is produced in response to injury. Applying certain chemicals causes it to harden into a durable, plastic-like substance. It is often used in weapon furniture. If this resin is of Xen origin, it may be many times more durable than Earth resin for the same weight, which is why it can be used to create weapons wholesale (ex, the grenade launcher attachment for the shotgun), and have different properties depending on which chemical reagent is applied to it (such as creating the lenses and bodywork both for the reflex and laser sight attachments used across several guns). However, it is also not inconceivable that resin is only used as an adhesive to attach a modifications parts together (and, subsequently, to the base weapon).
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