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The Robot Grunt is a mechanical HECU unit cut from Half-Life. There is no information available about where and when during the game it was to appear.


  • The original green Robot Grunt is featured in the Half-Life SDK files in the folder "RGrunt" (there the name "robot grunt" is given in the file "rgrunt.qc"), but not in the Half-Life game files.
  • It is notably known for replacing all HECU soldiers in the censored German version of Half-Life. Germany heavily censors video games with an excessive amount of violence or strong Nazi references.[1][2][3] The German version of Half-Life also features other censored elements, such as when Black Mesa employees die.[4] It has the same voice as the uncensored HECU, even sometimes saying "Augh! Medic!" when shot.
  • The model of the Robot Grunt was also used to replace all classes of Team Fortress Classic in the German version.[5]
  • The only version available in the retail games is a bronze variant available as a player model for the multiplayer version of Half-Life, named "robo".


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