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The Roller Wand is a weapon cut from Half-Life 2. It was used for the Roller Buddy.


  • It was probably to allow the player or Alyx to control reprogrammed Rollermines, or even Dog's ball in particular, as the Roller Wand's .cpp file in the Half-Life 2 Beta source code describes it as a "'weapon' what lets the player controll the rollerbuddy" [sic], "rollerbuddy" probably referring to a "friendly" Rollermine (that text can also be found in the Portable Thumper's .cpp file, but this is likely a copy/paste oversight).[2] It would have probably worked as Dog's hand when he catches its ball in the retail game.
  • It could also simply be the predecessor to Alyx's EMP Tool, used in Episode One to reprogram Rollermines to help Freeman and her proceed.
  • The Roller Wand script file found in the playable Half-Life 2 Beta files shows it was to temporarily use the S.L.A.M model as a placeholder. That script file is the only source for any information pertaining to the weapon.[1]
  • The weapon was to be used by Roller Buddies.

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