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Russell's Lab is the laboratory of Russell in Half-Life: Alyx, located in City 17. It is the location where the player receives the Gravity Gloves. The map could be explored before the release of Half-Life: Alyx as a SteamVR Home environment, available owners of the Valve Index, or by joining a lobby hosted by someone who owns it.


The main apartment looks just like a regular living room with old furniture and a TV, and a radio playing the song Thirty-Seven After Six. There are some open lockers in the wall. Pressing the red button inside one of the lockers will move the other lockers and reveal the lab.

Inside the lab, there are many monitors and various computer parts around. Next to his main computer, Russell has a monitor with a video feed of Alyx's headset. A magazine with Dr. Breen on the cover can be found. There's a fridge with a headcrab wrapped in plastic labeled "DO NOT EAT". A hologram projector can show a map of City 17.

In the back corridor of the apartment, there are two repurposed microwaves where the Gravity Gloves are stored. There are many tools and kitchen appliances stuck in the walls and floor, as well as a mannequin torso with charred hands, indicating failed early experiments with Gravity Gloves prototypes. There's an inaccessible room to the side where some of these prototypes can be seen.

Next to this corridor there's a small room with a trapdoor that leads to a garage, and then to a junkyard with objects that can be played with the Gravity Gun. Gnome Chompski can be found here. A locked gate in the back leads to a train that goes to the Quarantine Zone.


Half-Life: Alyx[]

After being freed from a Combine vehicle by Russell's drone, Alyx is led by the drone to the apartment, where Russell explains his plan to free Eli from the Combine by intercepting his train inside the Quarantine Zone. Russell gives Alyx the Gravity Gloves and explains how they work. He also gives her his pistol and ammo. Outside the apartment, Alyx takes a train to the Quarantine Zone.

Behind the scenes[]

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Related achievements[]

Achievement Eye of the Geiger
Eye of the Geiger
Earned by scanning Russell with the Geiger counter.
Achievement Little Slugger
Little Slugger
Earned by using the Red Scout miniature to represent Alyx.
Achievement Gnome Vault of My Own
Gnome Vault of My Own
Earned by carrying the gnome from Russell's backyard to the Vault.


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