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The Sand Barnacle is an enemy cut from Half-Life 2.


In the Coast chapters of Half-Life 2, which was originally the Wasteland chapter, there were originally a Barnacle variation named "Sand Barnacle."[1] It was never finalized; it has no AI, no animations, and its textures are very basic, although other textures not featured on the model and more finalized can be found in its texture folder.[1]

According to David Speyrer, the Sand Barnacle was meant to be hidden under the sand and the only way to spot it would be a little depression above the ground, defining an area of danger. Should the player go in, the Sand Barnacle's tongue would come out, grab the player and pull it to the center, where the whole barnacle would come out and start biting the player. He also mentionned using grenades from a distance would be the ideal way of killing the Sand Barnacle.

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