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The Scaling Cube is a variation of the Aperture Science Weighted Storage Cube which appears in the Sixense Motion Pack for Portal 2. It is a testing element used in the Motion Pack test chambers. Its length, width, and height can be modified at will.


  • The Scaling Cube can be stretched or compressed along all three axes, allowing it to be made larger or smaller as the situation requires.
  • The size of Scaling Cube determines its mass. The larger the cube is made, the heavier it becomes. If sufficiently enlarged, it can crush Sentry Turrets and break panes of glass that are not reinforced.
  • If stretched to a sufficient size, the Scaling Cube can cover multiple Super Buttons. So long as it rests evenly on them, any buttons covered in this manner will be triggered simultaneously.
  • Even at its smallest size, the cube will still trigger Super Buttons.


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