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The Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition, better known as the S.L.A.M, is a small explosive device, dark green in color, featured in Half-Life 2: Deathmatch. It is based on the real life US military weapon of the same name.


The S.L.A.M. has two modes of operation:

  • Its primary mode is as a laser tripmine; once placed it will make a charging sound followed by the emission of a red beam, if anything interferes with the beam, the mine will detonate.
  • The second mode is as a remote-detonated charge; it is possible to drop one or more units on the ground, which can then be remote detonated with the secondary button.


As a laser tripmine, S.L.A.Ms can be used for creating traps and for area denial. Those used to create traps can be placed in stairwells or around corners to snag careless players who run into them. Alternatively, for area denial, they can be placed in clear view; this way players are less likely to run into them, but will be forced to slow down to deal with the threat or avoid it.

S.L.A.Ms can be placed on any solid surface, even on physics objects; although this is very dangerous (as bumping the object can detonate the device), it allows to block corridors and doorways with crates or other objects, to then place a S.L.A.M covered by said objects. This way, when another player tries to clear the path, they will detonate the device without knowing it was there.

Setting up multiple S.L.A.M units near each other will cause a chain reaction after the first explosion.

As a remote-detonated charge, it is possible to pick up a dropped unit with the Gravity Gun and throw it at a player, to then quickly switch to the remote detonator and explode it. In this mode, after pressing the detonator, there is a brief delay before the S.L.A.M explodes; the player should compensate for this.

S.L.A.Ms blocking the way are easy to deal with; simply shooting them or throwing an object through their beam will cause them to detonate. However, the player should do this from a safe distance, as they have a wide blast radius.

Behind the scenes

The S.L.A.M was originally intended to be a usable weapon in Half-Life 2, but was cut from the final release and later reused in Half-Life 2: Deathmatch with a new model.




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