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The Snark Mine is a biological tripmine used by the Xen armies to hinder Gordon Freeman's progress at the entrance of the Lambda Complex. They were possibly installed by Vortigaunts or Alien Grunts.


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A Snark Mine above a hatch, the only way to proceed further, in Sector F's CenCom Reservoir.

Snark Mines (the brush name) are hung in mid-air at the center of a corridor near web-like structures completely barring the way, apparently hanging from the ceiling with some sort of yellow energy thread. Two purple rays randomly emit from the mine, probably acting as sensor lasers.

To proceed further, the player can either destroy the webs, which will often cause the mine to explode and release five Snarks (two couples, then a single one) or crouch under the mine and avoid activating it (breaking a nearby web will however trigger the mine regardless). The mines can also be directly destroyed when shot or tripped. When exploding, a Snark will destroy the nearby web. Other methods consist of using Satchel Charges, the Hivehand, and the MP5.


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