The Spear Rifle is a weapon cut from Half-Life 2. It was the main weapon of choice for the Combine Synth Elite Soldiers. It never made it passed the concept phase so it was never modeled or coded in the game.


As seen in concept art the rifle was to behave as a rifle/melee weapon used by the synth elites. The design features a bayonet at the top of the rifle. It also has a piece of cloth at the top (later removed for a unknown substance). In the middle of the rifle is the trigger (which wasn't drawn in concept art) and the ammo clip. The Combine Elite 3 (the first known version of the synth elite to use one) is shown holding it like its on guard duty. The big bulky arm was to hold the top part while the right skeletal arm was to hold the bottom of it. It is unknown how the weapon would have shot as there is only two pieces of concept art of the rifle.


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