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This subject is from the Black Mesa Incident era.
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The Spore Launcher is an improvised biological weapon seen in Opposing Force. Used by Adrian Shephard during the Black Mesa Incident, it consists of a large amphibious alien specimen which is fed with clusters of Spore Fruit and then manipulated into forcefully expelling the spore clusters.


  • An infant Shock Trooper,[1] the Spore Launcher resembles a large lungfish or tadpole, with a smooth rounded skull crowned by spikes, gills along its side and trailing tentacles, one of which is used by Shephard as a "grip". The creature can store the mushroom-like spores which dot parts of Black Mesa in its digestive tract, and then launch them forcibly when required to. It seems to have an affectionate nature, often making purring noises which Shephard rewards with a friendly stroke along its back.
  • The Spore Launcher has two modes of fire. Primary fire shoots a spore in a straight line without gravity, which then explodes on impact. Secondary fire discharges the spore in an arcing path due to gravity, that will bounce for a few times, exploding either after 2 seconds if it is by a player, after 4 seconds if it is by a Shock Trooper, or on contact with an enemy unit.
  • The Spore Launcher is discovered by Adrian Shephard in the chapter Vicarious Reality, map "of4a2", in the Biodome Complex where he acquires one from a lab. In here, there are several other specimens stored in some substance that cures to an unbreakable solid and becomes blue when it gets in contact with the air or certain surfaces since if the player hits the blue stuff right under the first Spore Launcher the player can get, it will have the same bullet holes on it like it is unbreakable glass. The fluid in the other specimens that did not fall are not as blue and has bubbles going through the fluid.


  • The Spore Launcher is very powerful, and can destroy human-sized targets in one direct hit. It can be inaccurate however, as the spores travel slower than bullets and the explosion radius of the spore itself is much smaller than even a grenade.
  • The Spore Fruit, which grows the ammo for the Launcher, regrow after a short period of time. Take advantage of this to stock up to the weapon's limit, as Spore Fruits are quite rare.
  • Although the Launcher has a surprisingly fast firing rate, do not be tempted to use it in close combat, as it can cause excessive self-damage.
  • By using the primary fire and shoot at the ground while jumping or sometimes jumping and running at the same time can let the player jump or travel farther distances and reach areas otherwise inaccessible.
  • Shooting the Spore Fruit with any weapons will cause it to launch its spore. A good tactic is to shoot the Spore Fruit if there is an enemy near it and since Spore Fruits usually come in numbers shooting all of them will cause great damage to whoever is in range. Sometimes, shooting one is enough and will cause a chain reaction with other Spore Fruits.
  • This weapon can fire underwater.


  • While holding the Spore Launcher after some time Adrian Shepard will gently pet the head of the Spore Launcher, and the Spore Launcher will be aware of Shepard petting it.
  • If the player shoots the Spore Launcher's primary attack in single player and changes level or makes a save before its spore lands, then quickly loads the save, then the spore will land but with an extra yellow particle in the air, water, or where it lands.
  • If the player or a Shock Trooper uses the secondary attack of the Spore Launcher and the player makes a save while the spore had not explode yet, then loads it, the spore will last indefinitely until it hits something such as a npc to explode on, or the player in the case of a Shock Trooper shot spore while a player shot spore will bounce indefinitely until it hits something to explode on.
  • Picking up spores plays a unique ammo pickup sound.


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