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The Sprite is an entity that can be seen floating through the Black Mesa Research Facility during the later stages of the Black Mesa Incident, and appearing to be a flying ball of light. They are seemingly brought to life by Race X, and so have a mind of their own, able to steer themselves through space at will.


Sprites xen

Sprites flying from a Race X purple portal on Xen.

In the scene where a Gargantua is tied to the Hydro-Electric Dam in Half-Life: Opposing Force, the G-Man stands on the defunct control tower holding a cell phone while sprites fly into a portal behind him, after which he steps through and vanishes. They eventually all led to the portal that brought the Gene Worm through, evidently acting as energy conduits to construct and charge the portal to the world of the Race X aliens.

Adrian Shephard first saw them on Xen, where they kept coming through a purple portal and leaving through the one leading back to Earth. A possibility is this was the "gateway" between Earth and the Race X homeworld. It is unknown if these sprites are biological aliens or the technological creations of Race X.

In Half-Life: Opposing Force, sprites act as guides to show the direction to the next objective when the path ahead might otherwise be unclear. It is interesting to note that during the resonance cascade in Half-Life, sprites fly toward and away from the anti-mass spectrometer.

Two other sprite appearances include a faint glimpse of them being sucked towards the portal at the tip of the Lambda core reactor when it is fully open. Another appearance of the sprite is in Blue Shift if the player refuses to enter the Displacement Field, shown by Sprites dissipating from its portal and Dr. Rosenberg shouting, "You fool, you've taken too long!"

Behind the scenes[]

  • The actual name of the Sprite is unknown,[2] as the name used on the wiki is merely a nickname, a general reference to computer graphics. The entity only consists of floating sprites with no AI when not used in a map trigger, also named "MAP_ENTITY_STAR," as seen in the original map editor.



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