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A Superportal is a massively powerful and large portal which allows massive volumes of matter and information to pass through it.


Compared to a normal portal, a superportal can be used to transport huge volumes of matter across large distances, often between different dimensions.

Initiated by cataclysmic quantum events, such as a Resonance Cascade or the explosion of a Dark Energy source, they can easily become unstable and send out waves of Portal Storms.

In its infancy, a Superportal will draw power to fuel its completion through tendrils of energy from an energy source. The Dark Energy core of the Citadel was drained of all its astronomical power to open the Superportal.


Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Ep end 13

The superportal being destroyed minutes after the rocket is launched.

  • The explosion of the Citadel's dark fusion reactor caused a chain-reaction that disabled all other reactors on Earth, forcing the Combine to sacrifice the Citadel in an attempt to create the Superportal and reestablish connection to the Combine Overworld.
  • The Combine planned to use the Superportal to transport reinforcements to Earth for the reoccupation of the earth once again, as verified when Eli Vance ominously says "It will be the Seven Hour War all over again, except this time we won't last seven minutes."
  • At the end of Episode Two, Arne Magnusson's rocket is launched in an attempt to sabotage the new Combine Superportal before it can reach maturity. The rocket links up with the satellite array that was established at Black Mesa which has presumably been dormant. The rocket taps into these satellites and uses a "Xenium Resonator" to neutralize the portal.


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