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Televisions, or TVs, are used by the Combine to broadcast Breencasts in the home of City 17's citizens. They were also used by the Resistance to transmit warnings to the population after The Uprising.


The Television is one of the few human devices the Combine recycled for their needs, as with the trains, for instance. It looks like an old brown cathode ray tube 1980s TV. The Resistance also uses television monitors to communicate, as seen at Shorepoint Base.


  • The televisions found in the apartments in the Half-Life 2 chapter Point Insertion can be unplugged, after which they will immediately turn off. Once they are unplugged, their cables disappear.
  • In the Half-Life 2 chapter Anticitizen One, the G-Man can be seen on an unplugged television, with eerie music playing in the background.
  • When turned off, the television reveals an empty body behind the screen. It is either a developer's oversight, or a result of the customization made by the Combine to have it work only with their broadcasting technology.
  • The player can use the "noclip" cheat to find the location of the G-Man and Dr. Breen; they are in a hidden location out of the map, and a camera displays their actions on the TV. Like the Breencast, only their upper body appears; if they are killed, they will slowly disappear rather than turning into ragdolls.


Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2: Episode One

A TV in one of the rebel bases in Episode One can be seen transmitting Kleiner's message to the citizens of City 17.
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Half-Life 2: Episode Two

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Half-Life: Alyx

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