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"Hey, I know that peak! You can see it from White Forest!"
Alyx Vance[src]

The Outlands[1][2] is an alpine region located north of the City 17 outskirts (as referred to many times in the Episode Two dialogues) and is towered over by an unnamed peak known by Alyx. It is the main location for Half-Life 2: Episode Two.


Stream in the Outlands, with the White Forest antennae seen in the background.


The area consists of coniferous forests, streams, the Victory Mine (an abandoned mining complex colonized by Antlions), the White Forest Inn, the major base of operations of the Resistance: White Forest (an old Soviet ballistic missile silo complex that was abandoned and then repurposed by the Resistance that turned it into its major base of operations in Sector 17), several hamlets and a few small and medium Resistance outposts, connected by a Highway and a few old roads in a state of disrepair with a number of abandoned cars, similar to Highway 17. Various other structures include some old radio stations, industrial warehouses, bridge houses and a train depot (that was partially controlled by the Resistance and by a few retreating Overwatch squadrons from City 17), often infested with Headcrabs. Gordon and Alyx end up in the area after their train crashes, and start their journey to White Forest on foot, until they take hold of a custom 1969 Dodge Charger which they use to finish their journey.


Abandoned mining outpost in the Victory Mine area.

This region is never named in-game; "the Outlands" and "Outlands Forest" is given in the The Orange Box Prima Guide and all the Episode Two maps start with "Outland." It is possible that "White Forest" is another name for the forest, a name the White Forest base and White Forest Inn names would be based on. It is also possible that the White Forest consists only of a small part of the Outlands.

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