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The Terminal is a newspaper apparently issued by the Combine for the inhabitants of City 17, as another propaganda tool. Whether it is still issued at the time of the Half-Life 2 events is unknown.


The Terminal appears in Half-Life 2 as a worn out newspaper model among the many other junk models, as a model named "garbage_newspaper001a.mdl". It is folded with another newspaper, with a title starting with the word "Money". The front page shows a headshot of Wallace Breen and another, indescribable picture, that slightly resembles an image of the Stalker image in the Half-Life 2 Beta. The back of the model shows the bottom of the front page, featuring the picture of a car (seemingly the car model "car004a.mdl") on a road.

Behind the scenes

  • The name of the newspaper is likely a reference to the City 17 Trainstation, originally know as the "terminal" in many WC mappack maps, notably the E3 map "e3_terminal". The name of the Terminal Hotel found on the Trainstation Plaza is also a leftover from that era.


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