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"Unlikely Negotiator Of Peace Garners Ill Will And Distrust As Well As Praise."
―Newspaper headline from The Terminal[src]

The Terminal was a newspaper issued by the Terminal News & Media Syndicate as recently as the period following the Combine's invasion of Earth. Whether it is still being issued at the time of the events of Half-Life 2 is unlikely, however currently unknown.


Half-Life 2[]

The Terminal appears in Half-Life 2 as a worn out newspaper model among the many other junk models, as a model named "garbage_newspaper001a.mdl". It is folded with another newspaper, with a title starting with the word "MONEY". The front page shows a head shot of Wallace Breen and another, indescribable picture, that slightly resembles an image of the Stalker image in the Half-Life 2 Beta. The back of the model shows the bottom of the front page, featuring the picture of a car (seemingly the car model "car004a.mdl") on a road.

Half-Life: Alyx[]

The Terminal returns in Half-Life: Alyx in a similar fashion, in which its texture is much more detailed and can be clearly read by the player. It contains articles published just after the Seven Hour War, such as the Portal Storm still raging, Xen creatures continuing to inhabit the planet, and a criticism piece on Wallace Breen for his newly appointed position as the Combine's administrator of Earth.

The article also provides more clarification as to how Wallace Breen was granted dominion of Earth through the Combine by mentioning that he "contacted U.N. officials claiming he had determined how to communicate with the invaders."

Behind the scenes[]

  • The name of the newspaper is likely a reference to the City 17 Trainstation, originally know as the "terminal" in many WC mappack maps, notably the E3 map "e3_terminal". The name of the Terminal Hotel found on the Trainstation Plaza which is also a leftover from that era.


  • In Half-Life: Alyx, http://theterminal.online is the affiliated internet address listed on the front page of The Terminal newspaper located in the top right corner.


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