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"I'm not kidding around, you need to move it now. Why can't you do it? Well, then who is authorized? Okay. Well, go get them. You took over the entire planet in seven hours. How is this taking so long? Oh, no, it's fine. I can wait. That was sarcasm. Uh huh. Well, I'm thrilled you caught that. Yes. That was sarcasm as well. And just to remind you, the thing I need to talk to your boss about is how we're running out of time. Well, what about if I went and got MY supervisor. Would that move the needle on this thing? No, that's the point. I am my supervisor. You're killing me. Ah, what am I even doing here? I should go. Hi, okay, great, finally. Hi. We need to move the box or this thing is going to be Black Mesa all over again. Well, now I'm telling you it IS ready. Look, if it's still here when she gets there, he's gone. What in the history of today's makes you think you're gonna stop her? Look, this guy we've got in there survived Black Mesa. He raised holy hell and then just disappeared. We finally caught him and you're going to let him go again? MOVE THE BOX."
―The Unnamed Scientist[src]

The Scientist is a mysterious character who appears in Half-Life: Alyx.


Very little information is provided on who or even what the Scientist is, although it is implied that while she works for the Combine she does not answer to them as Wallace Breen does. She alludes to being her own supervisor, and is happy to talk down to a Combine Advisor with confidence. She also clearly has some experience with or knowledge of the G-Man, given her knowledge of his powers and why it is so important for the Combine to contain him in the Vault. She also knows just how powerful Alyx Vance is and unlike her apparent subordinates knows better than to let Alyx near the Vault.


Half-Life: Alyx

While traveling through the Quarantine Zone to get to the Vault, Alyx notices an apartment in a nearby building that appears to be occupied. Venturing inside, she overhears a conversation between the Scientist and a Combine Advisor, where the Scientist expresses her frustration at their inability to move the Vault so Alyx cannot get to it. She reminds the Combine who the Vault contains (whom Alyx, Russell, and Eli Vance assume to be Gordon Freeman), and that Alyx will stop at nothing to release whatever it is.


  • Scientisttextured

    With applied textures.

    She is only referred to as "scientist" in the game files and the credits.
  • Her model is completely untextured except for the hair, but textures for her can be found and applied to the model.
  • Her design resembles Helena Mossman from the Half-Life 2 Beta.
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