Hi all!

I'm Deckard8t88, recently appointed admin here. My aim is to do a much needed cleanup around the wiki, and refine the the site's focus.

I'd also like to change the wiki's name to give it a more "personal" touch, and so that we actually "take over" it since the wiki's name is a by default one chosen by somebody else. So I'd like to hear your opinion on this. I have some names that went through my mind. You can vote for one of them, or submit your own! After a few days we'll see what has been decided!

My suggestions

  • Zombine UnderWiki (Some sort of opposite of the previous name, Combine OverWiki)
  • Magnusson's Encyclopedia (Sounds serious and reliable!)
  • Sector C (The most known BMRF sector)
  • Sector D (The administration/archives BMRF sector, would suit the wiki's well)
  • Sector W (a pun on the BMRF sector, this one being the "Wiki" sector)
  • Gordonpedia (pretty much self-explanatory)
  • Freemanpedia (same here)
  • The Freeman Encyclopedia (again sounds serious and reliable)
  • Encyclopedia Borealis (perfect crossover name, since we cover the Portal and Half-Life series, however it's already taken by the Polish version of Combine OverWiki if I'm correct)

Voice your opinion in the comments below!

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