Episode Three Concept Art Leaked Mid 2008 EP3 3

The Black

Mesa Times
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Hello everyone! This is going to be the first of many "News Blog" style thingies that you'll be seeing more and more on here. But first, the main question I'd like to ask - What do You think? The readers? The simple people just browsing around the wiki? I want to ask you what you want to have in these blogs. I want to ask you what you want us to be doing with the wiki. Please use this page as a sort of Feed back sort of thing. The content cant get better nor grow without the readers giving their input on what they want to see, so please, Start commenting on what you want to see!

I've taken a liking to the name "The Black Mesa Times". It has a nice ring to It, and I'm guessing this'll be the name of these News Blogs. Moving forward we have some updates from wikia, one mainly focusing on the new HTML5 update, which is basically updating to the newest version of HTML. Feel free to read that blog to further understand the current HTML tags!

And as for the wiki, How do you think we're doing? Hopefully we've been running things smoothly. Let us know in the comment what your opinion Is and what you want to see in the future!

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