It had been several months since the battle. Penile Steak, the Combine shotgunner, had fallen in love with Adrian, the falling in love event mutual and transcending the poop barrier. They were cuddling on the couch, while the moose kids starved to death as they locked themselves in the moose room on accident. The Combine soldier was so big and strong, like headcrab guts, and it comforted Adrian to be in the soldier's warm, thick arms.

Suddenly, Charles Stiles from Mystery Diners enter the cabin, and brutally murders Adrian's cactus. "i've placed a camera in your mother" Charles said, laughing like a cruel being in the tendencies of which are known in the raccoon mouse. "mY CACTUS YOU SICK FOK" screamed Adrian, breaking into tears as Penile held him close, protecting him from the strange man. "hinauahaAA"said Charles, which was a spell that teleported them to Judge Judy's courtroom. "HE KILLED MY CACTUS" said Adrian. "THAT CACTUS WAS HARASSING MY ASS IT WAS SELF DEFENSE" said Charles, the lying fuck. "ok so now charles stiles killed ur cactus and ur mad correct" asked Judy. "correctamundo" said Adrian, who wiped the tears from his gas mask. "WELL THEN FUCK YOU ITS JUST A STUPID GODDAMN CACTUS YOURE WASTING MY TIME YOURE WASTING HIS TIME YOURE WASTIN YOUR TIME YOURE WASTIN GODS TIME YOURE WASTING MY TIME TO SUCK YOURSELF OFF" screamed Judy. This made Adrian sob, dropping to his knees and screaming. Batman appeared, breaking Judy's skull by bashing her head into a television. "SOTP RIOGJHT THERE CRIMINALS CUM" said Otis Laurey, who was Judy's security guard, pulling out a donut. "ASIOPJFPJIAEJFPMAIOJAJKTKIJMT" said Batman, smacking Otis, knocking him out. Adrian and Penile ran away from the building before it exploded, finding themselves back in the cabin.

"Oh Penile, I fucking love you." said Adrian, making out with the soldier and making cute Adrian moans. Judge Judy watched from the distance, hiding in a bush, planning her revenge.....

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