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"Hey you in the suit! Our APC hit a landmine and that fricking sniper showed up and took out our gunner. We're trying to blow open a path for Vance. You can cover Manwich, he'll take care of the rest. "
―Captain Vance[src]

Captain Vance[1][2] is a character cut from Half-Life 2.


Captain Vance, one of the few surviving military leaders of Earth, was to be the leader of the Combine Conscripts while working undercover for the Resistance, playing the dangerous role of protecting the Air Exchange while secretly organizing fighters to overthrow the Combine. He was also Alyx Vance's father.[1]

During the City 17 uprising after the Air Exchange destruction, Captain Vance had his headquarters in an "emergency bunker" near the inner gates of the Citadel's outer wall, where Gordon was to come when Alyx was left alone and hurt after the crash into the Skyscraper.


When the conscripts were scrapped, Vance and Eli Maxwell were merged to become Eli Vance, a resistance scientist. Eli Vance is still Alyx' father.

His role as a military leader has been replaced by Odessa Cubbage and Barney Calhoun[1][2]

Vance' face model was recycled into the Citizen Male 08 (which is still named Vance internally) and a hostage in Counter-Strike: Source.


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