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The Vorti-Cell[1] is a Combine device cut from Half-Life 2. It only exists as concept art.


To be seen in City 17 (and notably the Combine Factories area), the Vorti-Cells were to be used as stations siphoning power from trapped Vortigaunts as Gordon attempted to free them.[1]


  • In Nova Prospekt, after defeating the Antlion Guard from the showers, Gordon comes across a slave Vortigaunt wearing collars and armbands similar to that of the one sweeping in the City 17 Trainstation, dead on a dentist chair, with electric current directed near it. Although not as complicated as the Vorti-Cell, is seems to be a Combine torture device. In particular, it seems that the machine uses the Vortigaunt's energy against itself.
  • The aesthetics of the Vorti-Cell tank can be informally found in the tanks seen in Kleiner's Lab.
  • Several players attempted to create a Vorti-Cell model, since it does not exist in the leaked files.


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