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"The Antlions won't bother you now, Doc."

The Vortigaunt Camp is a Resistance base seen in the Half-Life 2 chapter Sandtraps. Resistance members often travel to the camp to retrieve Bugbait, which helps keep the Antlions under the user's control.


A well-concealed Resistance base on the Coast, it is the closest known base to Nova Prospekt, the Combine prison.


The Vortigaunt Camp is located between two canyon walls. While it lacks buildings it does have shanties where Resistance soldiers and Vortigaunts sleep, eat, and keep the wounded. It is very well stocked, having plenty of supplies and Medkits. There are two entrances to the Vortigaunt Camp. The first is through a doorway by a wall mounted with an Emplacement Gun. The other entrance is a way through a small cave, leading to the beach, then Nova Prospekt. This entrance is sealed by logs attached to a generator-powered winch system.


D2 coast 110012

Bugbait training in the camp.

Half-Life 2

Gordon Freeman arrives at the Vortigaunt Camp after leaving the Lighthouse Point on foot, the previous Rebel base. On his way, he comes across two Rebels who were also heading to the camp: Sandy and Laszlo. Laszlo is laying wounded on the sand and Sandy tells Gordon to stay off the sand to avoid attracting Antlions. Laszlo is killed by Antlions and Gordon proceeds, leaving Sandy mourning the loss of his friend.

Upon Gordon's arrival, an Antlion Guard appears from the ground and begins to attack him. With the help of a Resistance member using the Emplacement Gun mounted above the first entrance, Gordon is able to kill the creature. Right after, a Vortigaunt retrieves Pheropods from the downed Antlion Guard, then leads Gordon through the camp, where he instructs him how to use the Pheropods. Gordon then leaves the camp and heads to Nova Prospekt with Antlions now by his side.


  • Near the entrance of the camp, two Vortigaunts are conversing in Vortigese, and will shortly cease their conversation when approached by the player, apologizing to Gordon for using their own language in front of ones who do not understand it. If the player stays close, the Vortigaunts tell him they will use English in his presence "unless they wish to say unflattering things" about him and immediately continue to converse in Vortigese.
  • The door to the main entrance to the camp appears to have been retrieved from a shipwreck. The door model was originally made for the Borealis and is still located in the folder "props_borealis", like the blue barrel model, among others.


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