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The Wasteland Scanner[2] is a Synth Scanner cut from Half-Life 2 in favor of the Shield Scanner, another Synth Scanner. It stems from the "Recon Synth" concept.


  • The single model featured in the playable Half-Life 2 Beta files has no animations, while animations are featured in models of pairs or trios (that have their textures missing, although the preview files show them green, in the vein of the concept art), such as some sort of moving eyelid and very expressive "join" animations where one or two Scanners are seen joining another lonely one, in a ballet-like attitude similar to dolphins or birds, where they are seen turning around each other, while the lonely one watches them arriving, turning on itself. They then "stick" together to create what seems to be some kind of close formation. These models cannot be used in the playable Half-Life 2 Beta, their versions being too old.[2]
  • As seen in the pair model animations, it was to fire grenades with the launcher featured on its left side, linked to its main body with two bright "pipes". The grenade model can be found in the files. It was also to use three lasers featured on its right side, as seen in three Wasteland-like maps, named "wscanner" 1 to 3, last edited March 2001, containing Wasteland Scanner formations flying around and attacking the player. These maps were apparently used by the developers to test the abilities of the scanners, in formation and alone. As stated above, the trio and duo models won't appear because of their too old versions, and the "ERROR" model will be seen flying around.[3]


  • The grenade sound file is still present in the Half-Life 2 sound folder, in the folder "npc/waste_scanner", as "grenade_fire.wav".
  • The symbol featured on its left side is seen again in the triangle insignia featured on the Overwatch Soldier's right arm.
  • The Wasteland Scanner is featured on several beta maps, such as "CScanner".


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