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"Stand back, Corporal. This should only take a minute."
HECU Engineer[src]

The Welding Torch is an oxy-fuel welding tool used by HECU Engineers to cut through sealed doors or floor grates.


An Engineer using his welding torch to open a sealed door during Shephard's Squad Training at Santego.

  • It is connected to a fuel tank attached to the back of the Engineer. If pierced, it is likely to explode.
  • Engineers have been known to light torches using their cigarette.
  • It only directly appears in Opposing Force. In the other games, it is only seen when a door is cut, the Marines standing behind being only generic models.
  • A larger, self-contained version of the welding torch is available to the regular HECU forces when an Engineer is not available. This has the tanks mounted to a handcart, rather than on an Engineer's backpack. This variety only appears in Blue Shift.

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