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The XM29 Objective Individual Combat Weapon, also known as XM29 OICW, AR2 or simply OICW, is a weapon cut from Half-Life 2. It can be found in the playable Half-Life 2 Beta. It was to be used by the Conscripts (later Rebels and Citizens), Combine Elite's and the Overwatch Soldiers,[1][2] to be replaced in the final game by the Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle.


Citadel c17 soldiers beta

Beta Overwatch Soldiers and their OICWs stationed in City 17, based on artwork by Viktor Antonov.

In the playable Half-Life 2 Beta, the OICW is essentially an AR2 Pulse Rifle with a scope instead of the energy ball thrower. Its recoil makes it very difficult to control past five shots in a row. However, this can somewhat be reduced by crouching.[2]

It uses medium rounds, which are also used by the AK-47, the MP5K, and the MP7.[2]

In real life, the OICW features a grenade launcher. While not working in the Beta (it is in the source code, but is disabled later fixed in the leaknet patches over at project beta), it was shown working in promotional videos. It appears that its grenade function was moved to the SMG1 by the time the files were leaked, as getting close to the SMG grenades in the WC mappack map "zoo_item.vmf" causes the message "AR2 Grenades" to appear on the screen.[1] This however was fixed with the Leaknet patches over at Project Beta created by VXP (VXPSERVER).

The gun was to be used by many Combine soldiers including the Combine Elite. The Elite was to hold the gun with one hand (right) while walking, he'd also hold it normally as well too. When using the gun he held it similar to the Conscripts as whenever he would fire he'd fire a bullet every 1-2 seconds as he was always scoped in. The Elite was to also have recoil when shooting up, down, left or right both crouched and standing. The Elite was to even have a similar reload function as the players too.

Behind the scenes[]

Old teleport oicw 1

The early model in Kleiner's Lab.

  • Screenshots featuring the OICW in Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar show an early model with a texture that made it look very damaged and used.[3] This texture is still in the playable Beta files, as seen below.[4]
  • An unused texture file for the Conscript model features a bayonet at the end of a barrel, but it is unknown if that barrel was to be that of the OICW.[4]


  • Interestingly, the scope on the OICW when unzoomed is broken in-game (it shows a solid light green instead of the scope texture), while it works properly when viewed with the leak model viewer.
  • In the final version of Half-Life 2, the Rebel's and Overwatch Elite's reload animation for the AR2 Pulse Rifle is the same as the OICW's in the playable Beta.[2]
  • In the Half-Life 2 files, several texture files for HUD weapon icons can be found, most of which still containing the icons for almost all of the cut weapons. The OICW is among them. It is also present in the font "HalfLife2.ttf", used for all the HUD glyphs.
  • The retail MP7's grenade model is still named "ar2_grenade.mdl".
  • The acronym "OICW" stands for "Objective Individual Combat Weapon"; and interestingly enough, it is an actual real-life gun that was never put into mass production by the U.S. Military.
  • In real life, S&T Daewoo Industries has manufactured their own OICW variant called the K11 which is currently in service in South Korean army.
  • The Early Model was able to shoot a total of six grenades in the grenade launcher port of the gun but its older model fired only three grenades.
  • Similar to most guns in Half-Life, Gordon doesn't actually use the charging handle when doing a empty reload.


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