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The Xen Ceiling Turret is an automated defense system used by the alien residents of Xen, seen initially on the first floating island in Half-Life.


  • Like much of Xen's technology, the Xen Ceiling Turret appears to be a techno-organic construction, consisting of a thick, fleshy stem hanging from the ceiling, with a black bulb at the end covered with a purple mesh like a bug zapper. When enemies are nearby, it fires purple electric discharges at the target.
  • Though they appear several times throughout Xen, they don't pose as big a threat as the creatures of Xen, and can be destroyed with any weapon. Upon destruction, the turret explodes in a blast of purple smoke.
  • Its floor counterpart fires a more powerful laser, has a longer range, and is considerably larger.

Behind the scenes[]

Like its floor counterpart, the Xen Ceiling Turret is made up of brushes tied to the entities "func_tanklaser" and "func_breakable". Like the brush entity "func_tank" used by the HECU Sniper or the HECU tanks, "func_tanklaser" is not affected by the console code "notarget".


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