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The Xen Sentry Cannon is an autonomous cannon encountered only once in Half-Life: between the Mechanized Infantry Repair Bay and the entrance to the Lambda Reactor Complex in Sector F, set up there by the Alien Grunts to guard the entrance to the Reactor Complex.


Unlike most of Xen's bio-technology, the Sentry Cannon appears to be made of some kind of metallic substance, consisting of four long prongs connected to a stationary base, able to pivot in any direction, and shooting a powerful blue energy beam. Its ceiling counterpart fires less powerful electric discharges, and is much smaller.

Behind the scenes[]

Like its ceiling counterpart, the Xen Sentry Cannon is made of brushes tied to the entities "func_tanklaser" and "func_breakable". Like the brush entity "func_tank" used by the HECU Sniper or the HECU tanks, "func_tanklaser" is not affected by the console code "notarget". When the cannon is destroyed, it crumbles in the same way a concrete wall would.


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