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The Xen Thumper is a device seen on Xen in Half-Life.


  • The Xen Thumper is made of a moving cylinder held by four legs. Much like its Combine counterpart, it emits thumps through the ground, but the intended effects are different, as the thumps create green rings that fly off into the sky (this is seen in other locations on Xen, such as along the "chimneys" of the very first island). They are apparently managed by Vortigaunts, as two are briefly seen following the thump movement with their hands, thus possibly generating themselves the movement of the device.
  • The Thumper is introduced in the Half-Life chapter Interloper. Two can be seen working and manned by Vortigaunts on the outside, while two others can be seen dismantled in the Alien Grunt factory. The purpose of the device is unclear.


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