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The Zombie Assassin (also known as the Zombie Alien Assassin) is a Headcrab Zombie variation of also cut Combine enemy named the Alien Assassin that was in the earlier version of Half-Life 2. It is the prototype version of the Fast Zombie. It was to be a zombie boss - mini boss in the Beta though had all of its animations and A.I. scrapped.


Hl2proto zombieassassin1

The original model with its checkerboard placeholder arms.

At one point in development while the Alien Assassin was being developed Valve wanted to create a zombified version of the Alien Assassin (a cut assassin unit for the Combine). The Zombie Assassin's model was likely developed in the Early European Era (Late 2001 - Early 2002) or the 2003 era as the model was being created in 2002 as the headcrab on the assassin is from the 2003 era. when the Alien Assassin alongside other Combine units were being developed. Most of the Alien Assassin AI was reused for the Fast Zombie while other parts of it were left in the animations. The Zombie Assassin, however, features no animations whatsoever as it just has a model of it standing. It is not featured in any official map.

The original model with its limbs, chest and waist are not as finished as other parts of the body like the head. The arms, however, feature a checkerboard placeholder (which were later fixed). When shot or melee instead of a normal body impact sounds it will be the sound of a bullet hitting metal or the melee weapon hitting metal (its entire body is for some reason metal). The feet, hands, and head do however feature blood on there indicating that the Alien Assassin must have fought its way through zombies before being turned into a zombie as the headcrab is a Standard Headcrab from 2003 - retail. The hands and feet look to be as if they have been rotting away as its the bones can be seen on its arms (fixed version). The back left leg of the Headcrab is, however, going inside the assassins back way farther than any other Headcrab Zombie ever did as it appears similar on his right shoulder. Its back by the neck and where the shoulders are at its back is decaying as you can see decaying skin as well as some bone. The Zombie Assassin does, however, have thin feet unlike any other Zombie as he stands on his toes.


  • At one point the Zombie Assassin was going to be a boss - mini-boss that the player was going to have to fight as the Zombie Assassin was to be very strong compared to any other zombie (similar to the Gonome) as it was to be able to jump very high as well as possible wound/eliminate enemies with its hands as it could have possibly impaled enemies with its fingers. The Zombie Assassin was to also be just as athletic as the Alien Assassin through the Alien Assassin was to be much smarter.
  • Like any other Headcrab Zombie, the user would still be aware of the Headcrab controlling them as the Assassin was to probably scream in agony as it was to beg for help too. The Assassins' Nightvision eyes were to possibly be broken as most of the users' eyes are popped.


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